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CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer

Deborah has been inspiring individuals and organizations for over 20 years. She is an expert in creating spirit-filled workplaces and in infusing audiences with the energy necessary to achieve their personal best. Her mission is to help people connect their hearts, minds and spirits to a purpose greater than the self and she believes in the sacredness of service.

Deborah began her speaking career inspiring culinary and hospitality professionals to integrate the technical, behavioral and emotional aspects of their work. With a foundation based on experiential, reflective and academic excellence, she has created and conducted workshops and keynotes that uplift audiences at every level from front line employees, directors and CEOs. Her inclusive style, targeted learning points and belief in fun are captivating. Her mantra is “the more serious the message, the more fun the presentation.”

Deborah holds a Masters in Organizational and Spiritual Psychology as well as a Doctor of Divinity and blends her expertise in leadership development, organizational dynamics, corporate culture change and spiritual growth to the benefit of customers, co-workers and corporations. Her work has enabled organizations to create and sustain environments where people are valued as much as profit and where business results and achievements are celebrated.

With over 15 years in the challenging healthcare market, Deborah has a proven track record of increasing employee retention, enhancing engagement and elevating customer satisfaction by utilizing interactive workshops, launching initiatives with inspirational keynotes and offering detailed follow-up coaching sessions. Her work has been published in corporate newsletters, healthcare journals and she is a much requested speaker in the healthcare, hospitality and spiritual networks.

As a spiritual life coach, Deborah has supported the personal journeys of diverse individuals and groups as they pursued their path of spiritual fulfillment. Believing in inquiry rather than advocacy, her coaching sessions proffer thoughtful questions with depth and breadth that compel critical thinking and personal discernment. A life long learner, Deborah believes that we are all remarkable examples of InspirationInProgress.


National Speakers Association      Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board      Association for Talent Development

Deborah is a proud member of the
National Speakers Association (NSA), the
Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board, and the
Association for Talent Development (ATD).



"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." - Gandhi


Inspiration through workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change!