International Speaker and Business Coach InspirationInProgress Life and Business Coaching

Each relationship is an InspirationInProgress. Through our consulting services we form a relationship where thoughtful dialogue graced with candor and compassion formulate action plans that resolve issues and produce results.

YOU are the expert of your business. We help you link your business strategies and purpose with the talents and passions of your people so that your business, your employees and your customers thrive.

We help you assess your work environment and enhance it to ensure that people are honestly encouraged and allowed to reach their full potential. Whether providing you with a framework for successful culture change, co-creating action plans with your management team or extending the learning accomplished in our seminars, a consultancy can be established for either short or long term goals. The scope of our partnership can be both organizational and departmental, according to your needs.

From leadership development and team building to hospitality and customer service, we will support your expertise with a committed relationship of proficiency and grace. Together we will be InspirationInProgress!






"People whose lives are affected by a decision must be a part of the process of arriving at that decision." - John Naisbitt


Inspiration through workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change!