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Coaching is, indeed, InspirationInProgress! Perhaps you were drawn to this site because you sense that your progress has stalled, obstacles are blocking your path or you are seeking a new, more personalized source of inspiration to guide and support you. Whatever your reason for being here – welcome!

The goal of our coaching is to help individuals achieve their personal best by widening their scope of possibilities and then focusing in on their values and aspirations. In other words, by re-evaluating the current path, discovering untapped potential and reconnecting to a greater sense of balance and purpose.

Coaching is not therapy! We do not believe you are broken and in need of fixing! We believe you are a healthy, complete and talented individual who is seeking to marry your passion and purpose with new possibilities.

InspirationInProgress coaching is a relationship-based process utilizing the tools of assessment, behavior change and leadership development to help create action plans for a spirit filled life. These tools may include inquiry, discussion, reflection, journaling and self-appraisals. The coaching is client centered and focused on your desired outcomes not our agenda.

Within a safe space where confidentiality is sacred, clients share their dreams and objectives, re-define their mission in today’s world and connect to a purpose greater than themselves – their own individual sense of spirituality. As a client, you control the process. We help you create a framework for success and meaning – as you define it! YOU are the InspirationInProgress!



"What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?" - Anonymous


Inspiration through workshops on leadership, team dynamics, communication, customer service and corporate culture change!